We live in the Alpine region. It is home to many creative people who draw strength and inspiration from this energetic area. Artists’ paths can quickly cross here. Friendships arise, ideas arise, collaborations arise.

With the THREE OF A PERFECT PAIR project, we are fulfilling a long-held wish to create unique instruments with selected artists who have amazed us for a long time.

Since the release of King Crimson‘s album THREE OF A PERFECT PAIR in 1984, I always had that phrase in my head. What did they mean?
When searching for a title for our artist collaborations, this sentence came to mind again. 40 years later I discovered one meaning of it. And it describes the project perfectly.

Just like logo does. It implements the name ideally by having the distance between the three bars form an equal pair. Sometimes simple is best.



Conrad Jon Godly, a truly outstanding person and artist with a dazzling vita, begins. Once a fashionable photographer in the world of celebrities, he has created an international name for himself over the past two decades as a painter of images that radiate an unbridled power and rawness. Above all, his imposing, extremely thickly applied oil paintings of mountain ranges enjoy a tremendous popularity.

We are very pleased with the result – it will be a great, interesting project – we will keep you posted…


LINK to BURST guitar on youtube

LINK to BURST bass on youtube

LINK to Conrad Jon Godly

LINK to also a fascinating documentation of him, together with his Japanese wife Kazuyo Okushiba, also a great artist, 3sat TV


Do you appreciate an instrument that is so guaranteed not to exist a second time?
That pushes the boundaries in guitar making or even dissolves them?
This also inspires as an object?
That stands out even from the most exquisite collection?

Then they are here in the right department!
Under LIMITED EDITIONS, we create instruments that are usually not made on behalf of customers, but are always built when we find time and muse for our own and unusual ideas. These are instruments where we let everything run free and want to surprise ourselves with them.