Les Petites Naives

Les Petites Naives

F. Martin Guitars USA asked us a while ago if we could make a special edition guitar for them. After going deep into their history, we decided to make a guitar that combines their tradition with a new vision. Unfortunately, the financial person of the company stopped the project in the last second. Now we used this preparatory work to continue pursuing a dream that had been dormant in us for a long time, the implementation of the LES PETITES NAIVES SERIES. Inspired by the Art Brut movement, these instruments are based on a parlor guitar shape, and will be available in a limited edition of nine guitars, each one of which is unique.

The number 4, our latest creation was finished in 2018. This Bijoux is made out of an extremely hard to find totally black African ebony and then carved by Swiss artist Gian Häne with lines that are often found on African masks. To support that feeling of an old mask we also scratched the ebony very roughly.
The top is made out of the highest-class Swiss alpine moon spruce, the neck is African Padauk.
Inside its very modern built, with carbon rods for stabilization and some more tricks. It is just unbelievable how such a small guitar can produce such a huge sound.

Gian Häne is a Swiss artist who is very well known for his carved objects and pictures. His work is displayed in many galleries and you find them in homes of celebrities like Joe Biden, John Kerry, Roger Federer and many more.

We have been invited from JERSEY GIRLS GUITARS, ATELIER REZIKA, Daisuke Ushiku exhibit our LPN4 at the ART FAIR TOKYO 2019.
Together with Jersey Girls Guitars, Michihiro Matsuda, Spalt Guitars, M-Tone Guitars, Ergon Guitars, Andy Manson Guitars and Malinoski Guitars we exhibited at the Booth of GALLERY SIDE2 of Junko Shimada.
It was the first time that guitars have been officially displayed at a big international ART FAIR! First not accepted by the jury, they changed their mind when seeing the guitars.


So – an exciting edition our LES PETITES NAIVES.
And the next ones are already in progress… Stay tuned!


LINK to LPN 4 played by Francis Coletta
Copyright: Pagelli Gitarrenbau 2018


Do you appreciate an instrument that is so guaranteed not to exist a second time?
That pushes the boundaries in guitar making or even dissolves them?
This also inspires as an object?
That stands out even from the most exquisite collection?

Then they are here in the right department!
Under LIMITED EDITIONS, we create instruments that are usually not made on behalf of customers, but are always built when we find time and muse for our own and unusual ideas. These are instruments where we let everything run free and want to surprise ourselves with them.