Our first bass based on the GRINGOBEAT guitar shape!

Like our GRINGOBEAT Archtop and electric guitar, the bass is based on our DYNERCOM body shape, making it ultra-comfortable to play.

Dynercom is a term we came up with to describe our comfortable body shape, for which we shift the center axis, leading to the player’s right arm moving forward, therefore yielding a more relaxed playing position. DYnamic – ERgonomic – COmfortable!

Standard features include two-tone finish (different colours for the top/back and sides), TV Jones pickups, Spruce Top and Okume body.
But of course countless custom options are available, for example our 3D Top finish, transparent finish, individual wood choices like flamed maple back and sides, different brand pickups, etc.

Very punchy, fat, warm….exactly what a bass must deliver. And just cool looking.


LINK to our sound demo by Claudio on youtube
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Passion is a funny thing. From a marketing perspective, it would most certainly be more effective if we focused on one type of instrument and then repeated that over and over – that’s how people become famous! However, we just don’t function that way. I built what im able to play and judge. And i love to play the bass. Because of the demand for our guitars, we don’t get the chance to build a lot of basses, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love them; after all, some of them have gone own in history! A good example is found in our 1997 made «Golden Fretless Bass», which was the first bass ever to feature a fingerboard that extends all the way to the bridge and even further over the body and over the nut! With its non visible pick ups, non visible controls, on the back of the body placed tuners and the extended fingerboard shows that bass lots of innovation in a single instrument and we are proud to see how many of those ideas where adapted by other builders.
And when you are looking for a full, deep and warm sound with character….take a look at our new semi-hollow Gringobeat Bass!