The GRINGOBEAT… an instant classic.

Based on the Dynercom concept of the archtop guitar, we created a semi-electric guitar that is light, variable, visually unique and yet, by our standards, not too oblique.

A reminiscence also of classics of guitar history, but ultimately Pagelli through and through.
An ideal platform for a wide variety of designs. From elegant to trash… everything fits the GRINGOBEAT.

In the standard version – the body is made of Okumé and the top is made of Moon-Spruce, the neck is made of Maple. But as can be seen from the pictures, it is possible in many variations:
Lollars, TV Jones, Häussels, or e.g. flamed Maple top, flamed neck, totally colored or whatever you want..:-)
We always find new variations that we like and implement too… never-ending possibilities. Fantastic!

Here too, many things come without an extra surcharge.


LINK to youtube demo – filmed and played by myself
LINK to youtube demo – played by Francis Coletta

LINK to GRINGOBEAT – day like this (Claudio’s former band)


When I started building instruments 45 years ago, it was with electric guitars. And even though our primary focus has been on acoustic flattops and archtops for many years now, I’m still an electric guitarist and pedal junky myself, so I continue to enjoy building electrics. Most are custom orders, but we also have a few models, ones that we haven’t gotten bored with, that we offer as part of our standard lineup.

All electrics can be ordered with either 24.75-inch (Gibson) or 25.5 (Fender) scale.