Gitane Nouveaux

Gitane Nouveaux

Being exposed to Django Reinhardt’s Gypsy Jazz is a revelatory experience for any guitarist.
So when we were invited to the Django Reinhardt Memorial Festival in Augsburg in 2006, Germany, we had to build a Pagelli tribute.

In 2003 we already made some sketches for a gypsy style… we took these ideas back and worked out a timeless, classy design. Et Voilá – the GITANE NOUVEAUX!

At this Festival we introduced our open headstock to the acoustic world for the first time – seen now on many high end guitars.
What did Django’s grandnephew David Reinhardt say?
This is the only Gypsy-style guitar that I’d play!


Standard scale length is 65 cm (25.59-inches), but we can also make it longer. Wood choices, colors, and neck shape are among our many custom options.


Ideally, you can really hear the wood. In a best-case scenario, the materials are perfect to begin with, leaving nothing to correct, therefore allowing the luthier’s skills to be center stage. Choosing the type of wood, the body size, the bracing patterns, the tuning of the plates and openings – that’s where the fun starts! We still get overwhelmed when it also sounds amazing in the end. Such a beautiful work to build guitars!