40′ Anniversary

40′ Anniversary

Our 40′ anniversary guitar combines the experience of 40 years of guitar making.

A totally new design, based on our radical Bowtop jazz guitar, which shows the advantages of a top without a sound hole interruption in wonderful simplicity. We started 25 years ago with the soundhole shift to create more vibrational surface… today known as Forward Shifted Sound Hole and a standard for many high-end guitars. Then came the top cut at the 36th anniversary model where the hole was integrated into the cutaway and currently found the ultimate placement in the new Spatial Radiation Parlor, where the sound holes are barely visible at the top edge. What fits stunningly with a Parlor size can quickly be too much of a good thing and seem too sluggish with a larger shape like the 40. That’s why the Spatial Radiation idea is reserved for the Parlor.

On the top of the side there is also a 2nd sound hole to distribute a part of the sound to the players ear. And as a special feature we invented the back port. It took me 40 years of building guitars to finally realize that, when holding a guitar in the standard position, the left ear is somewhat behind the guitar…:-) That problem is now solved with the back port. The player is now surrounded by sound.


The whole instrument is oiled, which gives an immediate woody feeling in the feel and sound. The top remains lacquered to counteract the hard demands of the plectrum or fingers. The square pins are also an enormous but rewarding effort. Round was simply too profane to the modern design. And now the most important thing… the sound: Very modern, balanced, direct and fast! Suitable for many styles, but she shows her full strength when played with a plectrum.


Here are 2 brief statements from test reports:

GANDGTRS Magazine July/August 2020
I’m thrilled how clear, direct and full the guitar is. Hi-Fi in the very best sense, sensationally balanced in all registers and layers, a soft round shine envelops every touch, however aggressively struck… slowly I run out of the word superlatives!
Leonard Breuken

Wellness for the ears, great feeling, modern, harmonious with innovative construction details, between musical instrument and art, much better can not be done.
Andreas Schulz


LINK to 40′ Maple/Swiss Moonspruce

LINK to 40′ Ovankol/Swiss Moonspruce

LINK to 40′ Amaramth/Swiss Moonspruce

DEMOs playedby Al Petteway and guitar details with Paul Heumiller, dreamguitars.com



Ideally, you can really hear the wood. In a best-case scenario, the materials are perfect to begin with, leaving nothing to correct, therefore allowing the luthier’s skills to be center stage. Choosing the type of wood, the body size, the bracing patterns, the tuning of the plates and openings – that’s where the fun starts! We still get overwhelmed when it also sounds amazing in the end. Such a beautiful work to build guitars!