36′ Anniversary

36′ Anniversary

Our 36′ anniversary model is based on our 30-year model built on ergonomics.

Added to this is our Top Cut with integrated sound hole, as first presented in 2005 on the Stalder BASS, a Kasha Style Bracing and our Open Headstock, which we presented for the first time at the GITANE NOUVEAUX IN 2006.

On the upper side you will find the 2nd sound hole, which causes a more spatial radiation and thus involves the player in the sound.


Ideally, you can really hear the wood. In a best-case scenario, the materials are perfect to begin with, leaving nothing to correct, therefore allowing the luthier’s skills to be center stage. Choosing the type of wood, the body size, the bracing patterns, the tuning of the plates and openings – that’s where the fun starts! We still get overwhelmed when it also sounds amazing in the end. Such a beautiful work to build guitars!