30′ Anniversary

30′ Anniversary

At first glance, the 30’ anniversary is simply a quirky and innovative design.
But the question behind it was:
Why does a guitar have to be symmetrical?
Why are recording and monitoring rooms in studios asymmetrical?
Because standing waves that rear up or cancel out are undesirable!

To prevent this, we developed the asymmetrical shape. The result is an incredibly balanced, lively and diverse sound that is different from anything available on the market. The fact that the right upper arm rests more relaxed due to the axis being moved forward is of course also a welcome improvement to the traditional designs.


Available in all imaginable wood variants and in the neck dimensions of your choice.


LINK to 30′ explained at the HGGS, Berlin 2016 for vintageandrare.com



Ideally, you can really hear the wood. In a best-case scenario, the materials are perfect to begin with, leaving nothing to correct, therefore allowing the luthier’s skills to be center stage. Choosing the type of wood, the body size, the bracing patterns, the tuning of the plates and openings – that’s where the fun starts! We still get overwhelmed when it also sounds amazing in the end. Such a beautiful work to build guitars!