A guitar that’s completely covered in Swarovski crystals, arranged in a sunburst pattern!

During the bling era, while rappers were suffering from the weight of their gold chains, we were suffering from a strong desire to build a blinged-out guitar! Initially, we figured we’d just glue a few rhinestones to the top and be done, but eventually came to the realization that that would just look cheap. We needed something that matched our designs, something with an extra dose of special.

OK, so we looked into who the most renowned maker of high-end crystals was, a search that led us to Swarovski. We boldly got in touch, asked our way through several departments until we reached upper management, which turned out to be family, and they were enthusiastic about the idea!

Of course, we wanted to build something high-end and innovative, but it also had to captivate guitarists. Since the guitar’s shape is already on the unusual side, we thought about the look of a traditional sunburst. But several attempts to achieve a realistic sunburst-type look while working with Swarovski’s creative department still didn’t yield the desired results, so the company got its programmers to create a new process for producing the right kind of color and reflection. In other word, no effort or expense was spared!

Based on our Jazzability design, the Swarovski Crystal guitar is covered with more than 60,000 crystals, it looks like a million bucks, and it sound amazing – is it because of the crystals?

If Liberace had given Elvis a guitar, this is probably what it would have looked like!