SM 2019

SM 2019


We are lucky to have customers like Stephan M. who is open minded for extravaganza…:-)
To build that beauty was a big challenge and all our experience was needed. But the outcome is just stunning.

Many thanks also to Harry Häussel who made the Pick-ups. It’s great to know such people who share the same passion in what they do and also are starting to bloom when innovation is asked.

The guitar is made out of stunning flamed Swiss maple and Swiss alpine moon spruce. All the bindings are made with deep black ebony and the fingerboard, head plate and the electronic – and string-holding devise is made out of Ziricote. That devise is inlayed with acid treated copper, as the back plate and the trussrod cover are.

The one piece flamed body embraces the top where the hidden custom made Pick-ups from Harry Häussel, Germany, are mounted. The volume and tone are mounted nearly invisible at the side of the electronic devise. Invisible inside qualities are the 2way Titanium trus rod and the carbon neck reinforcement.

LINK to DEMO I. – rotary shot and closeup of the guitar

LINK to DEMO II. – played and explained by Claudio Pagelli

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