Laid Back Magazine Japan Spring 2020
The Boutique Guitar Gallery

by Kaz Goto JGHG

Our dear friend Kaz from Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars in Japan, one of the finest builder on the planet, has written a really beautiful article in the Japanese Laid Back Guitar Magazine about us. Jerseys and Laidbacks, thanks for choosing us!..

Kaz’s translation of the articles. Here is the meanings of that. I wrote it with the styles of Japanese poetry. So it is more unique English than always. Please read with your full imagination!

Emerald of deep forest, pale yellow of warm wood. Whirlwind created by contrast. Again, I was fascinated by Pagelli.

Late 1960s. The purple haze of hippie culture drifted from the radio quickly captured A Boy- Claudio in Switzerland. He learned piano building, and his sense of the tones cultivated there are further trained in the work of guitar repair. While he was working actively in the Swiss music scene as a bandman, engineer and producer, his guitar production continued passionately.

Claudia’s designs, like abstract paintings that capture the sparkle of creature’s life, stimulated artisan Claudio, and the world of Pagelli became wider and deeper with each work.

This work was created for SM in 2019.

Maple flows to the body back as if holding a Swiss moon spruce top, and the ebony bindings applied throughout show the supreme handwork. Häussel special rail type single coil that fully reproduces the emotional expression of the player. The Zirikote bridge tailpiece, inlayed with copper oxide, incorporates controls and output jacks as well as rear pickups.

Sophisticated and simplistic enough to forget the complex process and the production process that requires meticulous calculations, the shape is like an innocent dance that spins lightly.

The praise for their works are to many to count, that fulfill player’s thoughts, but at the same time are innovative. However, those words become powerless when we see their breathtaking originality and high completeness in real. 

Pagelli‘s are Pagelli‘s

I gave Claudio a small antique tin can when we met again. Then he took a tin can out from his pocket and gave me in return. That small tin can, he found when he first visited Woodstock, he told me. I also received his unvarying rock spirit, I felt.