It all started with what is the most magical of discoveries for a guitar maker: a bunch of old, interesting wood.

On his search for quality Mahogany wood for his guitars Portugese luthier Adriano Sergio discovered a pile of just that in the back of a warehouse. It turned out that the wood came from old wine barrels, stored in a disassembled state, dusty and still caked with the essence of the wine they had contained. But a few strokes with the hand planer revealed the rich hue of Mahogany beneath the grime – ripe for guitar making. Adriano told his friend and colleague Ulrich Teuffel about this discovery and the opportunity to purchase this wood.

Researching the history of the barrels Adriano discovered that they had belonged to the estate of the Marquês de Pombal, a significant figure in the history of Lisbon.


When one is very lucky, sometimes a very special piece of wood that has aged and matured, that has witnessed history and that has a story to tell, can become a magical ingredient as it captivates the guitar maker, fires his imagination and pushes him to go beyond the limits of his craft. It will resonate in the music imagined and played on the instruments carved from this wood, the Carcavelos Mahogany. This treasure was a stack of old disassembled wine barrels which had held a few thousand litres each. Mahogany, Vinhatico, Rosewood, seasoned for two and a half centuries.

I‘m always in search of woods for my guitars, but this was different, I didn‘t find the wood, the wood found me. The characteristic of this wood is hard to explain because of the enormous emotional charge it has due to its history.
Adriano Sergio, 2018

The Carcavelos Mahagoni is not only steeped in history and rare, it is also stubborn. But you will be rewarded with a special variety of overtones that you rarely find. Its shimmering, simple elegance is accompanied by a distinctive scent of wood and wine. Wood for all senses!
Claudio Pagelli, 2023

This 250-year-old material in its stability is a rare and valuable resource for musical instrument construction. The workability is a pleasure. There is a sonic response from a mere touch and the colour of this aged wood is a feast for the eye.
Andy Manson, 2023