We are delighted to announce that our instruments are now available from our dreampartner DREAMGUITARS in Asheville North Carolina.

So there is finally the chance to check theinstruments in the US, with no waiting time. You can also order them online – so check their website too what is still available… Some are already sold. But good news – the next shipment is ready, our Spatial Radiaton Parlor’s will find their way across the pond too…

Paul Heumiller: Claudio Pagelli and I have had a mutual admiration for each other as long as I can remember. Every show where I have a chance to play his guitar as I do and I always find within them an inspirational pallet of tone and colors that are unlike anything else. He understands Guitar inside and out and he builds incredible works of art but never loses sight of musicality. That’s what makes these so special.


LINK to our GRINGOBEAT 19:21 played by Duane Simpson

LINK to our 40anniversary ACOUSTIC – Ovankol/Swiss Moonspruce – played by Al Petteway

LINK to 40anniversary ACOUSTIC – Amaranth/Swiss Moonspruce – played by Al Petteway