DEL RIO 2019

DEL RIO 2019

The BOWtop guitar, a combination between a flattop and an archtop guitar, is a completely new guitar construction. It is driven like an archtop, but top and back are not carved, they are bowed. Like that you get the ultra-fast response of an archtop guitar, but with a different tonal spectrum.
Watch also the elegant and service friendly solution of the pick-up attachment.

A nice detail are the fingerboard inlays, made from copper, who are signs of the ancient Chinese I-Ging. They stand for the elements like wind, water, air, earth who are important issues for the client since he is a passionate sailor.

The guitar features a bridge where the action can be adjusted by the wedge-shaped wings. Push them together and the string action gets higher or do the opposite for a lower action. And the beauty of the selected woods, flamed walnut and flamed redwood, speaks for itself. The top is lacquered, the rest is oiled for a protection that can breathe. 

We are using this elegant and unique design now also for our 40’year anniversary flattop model.

LINK to youtube for our custommade BOWTOP