Design Musicale by Antonio Marano

Antonio Marano works as a full professor of Industrial Design at the Department of Architecture, University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy. Among other things he is very interested in guitar designs for his researches and teaching in industrial design at the University.

That’s why he pubslished end of the year his new book called:
Design Musicale Innovazione tecnologica ed evoluzione del linguaggio nel guitar design. Published by Gangemi Editore of Rome.

During his research, Antonio also asked us about some of our designs. The Golden Fretless Bass, the Gitane Nouveaux, the Tim Ray Archtop and the incredible Convertible won the race. It is a great honour and we are proud to be part of such an informative, well-made book.

And we are proud that three other members of our Luthiers Beyond Limits group are published with their extraordinary work. Michihiro MatsudaJean-Yves Alquier and Tao Guitars by John and Serge.

Thank you Antonio for your incredible and important work.

LINK to buy the book